Catalina Claro and A Course in Miracles

I have been a student and practitioner of Nonduality, of A Course in Miracles for years.


What is this?

It is a path that, through experience, leads us to live in a totally different way from the one we lived and where, little by little, we develop the ability to stop the impulse to make judgments of ourselves, others, at situations. This fact of stopping the lawsuits is deeply liberating.

By ceasing to judge, to give meaning to what happens in each moment, we begin to accept what happens as it is, without wanting to change it at all. Choose to live what we have to live in this life … in peace. And thus, more frequently experience a Joy that comes from within us, that is inherent to us, but that has been hidden behind that veil of judgments!


With this practice – which is increasingly a continuous observation – the paradigm changes, the world is seen from a radically different place, where we feel that there is no separation with anything or anyone. This implies a genuine love for others, and healthy relationships.

We are positioning ourselves in that place, and we begin to understand from what we have lived everything that happens in another way, more loving and sweet.

This path is a SILENT path towards the interior, towards our essence. And, at the same time, it is a path without a path, which connects us directly with our Source, and thus we can be profoundly useful in this society.


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The music I make is a medium, through which I share, understanding that I am an instrument, a channel of that Source that we speak of and to which we all belong.

We only long to be happy and at peace with everything and everyone!

Thank you!

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