I still did not learn to speak when I was already playing the piano:

It was hard for me to listen to the world, and music was my way of connecting, it was my company, my guide, my channel of expression. My life was populated with music through rhythms, what was in my environment, the piano, the guitar and my voice. I expressed myself musically in relation to things, situations and people.

As a child I acted in plays singing, I made and do live music and also recorded for theater, TV, cinema. So the music I make evokes images.
I was not interested in getting into conventional circles that had rules, or titles, or looking good, or appearances. In fact, after 17 years of classical piano lessons and related courses, I decided to quit. What always interested me was creativity. I wasn’t worried about my looks or my fame.
Not being able to play on the radio or expand what I did, or earn money, many times despite knowing that I had talent, I wanted to leave music, without understanding why I had this talent for.

Today I have already embraced all this past, and I accept the world that I see and live as it is, I do not reveal myself, knowing that starting with myself is where I have to help with my grain of sand to change the world. And it is from this place that I sing, play the piano, produce and compose, in addition to songs, music for documentary films. I feel that arriving has a well-being, it has an inner sweetness is important. And with music it is brought to live and feel it. We all get sick at some point, and music helps us feel better. It gives well-being, opens hearts. That is my live motiv.