Laur Fugère, music director at Cirque du Soleil, tells:

As a voice scout for Cirque du SoleiI, I had the privilege of auditioning many singers. Catalina’s voice touched me right away. It was a long time ago, but I remember… Cirque was not ready for Catalina.🙂
It has always been with great pleasure that I witnessed her foray into the world of music, voice and sound.
Catalina is a ‘’whole’’ artist, uncompromising and forever faithful to her art. I have much admiration for her dedication and creativity. Her melodies are unique and tell stories on their own. Her felted voice carries her poetry all the way to the heart. Creators such as her are emissaries of the deep Source within all of us. 
Catalina reminds us that the voice is our ultimate instrument of connection with “The Great Mystery”.

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