Musicalize your poems, your texts, podcast or any other idea.

RAMANA PRODUCTIONS, with great experience in musicalizations, proposes the idea of ​​creating a soundtrack for your poem, writing, documentary, play, movie or spoken program.

Soaking up the essence of your idea, we create the right music for your poem, text or spoken program. We also musicalize documentaries, films and plays. Starting from the spirit of the idea we create a musical feeling.

Once this phase is defined, the song is recorded. Who in the final phase, can record or not, the voiceover.

For poems and writings, a solo piano or piano piece plus an extra instrument is recommended.

For radio programs and other types of podcasts, you can do something with more movement and sound, adding various instruments. You can see examples in the links below.


Link to radio programs: (a partir de 0:12 seg)
Link to documental film:

Value for approximately 1:20 minutes of composed music and its interpretation for piano, for the poem-written without exclusivity

(that is, Ramana Producciones can use this music in something else), including the final mix: € 160

Voice recording (approximately 1:20 minutes): € 40 (For now, due to the current world situation, this option is not available)

Value for approximately 1:20 minutes of music composed for the poem-written exclusively, including the final mix: € 650

Recording value and performance of an extra instrument (approximately 1:20 minutes): any keyboard, music programming (loops), simple flamenco cajón, guitar: € 40 each.

Recording value and performance of an extra instrument (approximately 1:20 minutes): violin, cello, flamenco or electric guitar, bass, percussion, drum or drum programming, wind instruments, ethnic instruments: € 50 each

If exclusivity is required for these extra instruments, 200% is added to the original value. 🌼

*Ilustración de Jean Cocteau, La Salle des Mariages, 1958